20 September 2010

Chili chili bang bang

This weekend, in all my domesticity, I wanted to make an "I can't get enough," delicious, amazing chili. The only problem was: I didn't have a recipe for it. Yet again, I thank the internet and all of the recipe finders for making the process of obtaining a chili recipe so easy. I scribbled down a few ingredients, made a mental note of the rest, and scurried down to the kitchen with my ambition in tow. I seem to find difficulty in following any recipe with extreme preciseness. So instead of using any single exact recipe, I chose to combine many of the recipes I found to create the chili I was craving.

[If you click on the recipe, you can print it on its own page & take it to the kitchen!]

I made the chili in my favorite red enamel cast iron chili pot. It has officially become one of the most-used wedding gifts we received (along with our cast iron skillet). The chili tasted even better than I was expecting... something that surely doesn't happen often when testing a new recipe! The hubby and peanut loved it, and needless to say, this recipe will be a cold weather staple at our house.

If you try the recipe, let me know how it turns out for you! For a spicier chili, use more chili powder and pepper, possibly less honey and brown sugar. The options are endless.

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