21 September 2010

Man caves: friend or foe?

Last week, I spent a lovely evening with some friends enjoying Mexican food, margaritas, and a man cave. The hosts were newlywed friends that are renting a great house in a beautiful neighborhood. The house is updated and even has a large backyard... but the basement took the cake.

I was introduced to the house's "man cave," complete with a huge wall-mounted flat-screen, leather sectional, pool table, and bar. We enjoyed the room while we ate dinner and drank our festive beverages. I kept thinking: My hubby would love a man cave like this at our place... okay someday... (he was at home taking care of our sick peanut).

Our current basement has low ceilings that would not be conducive to a man cave, but I know in the next house, he will be planning his special room. As I watch HGTV, I see many home-buyers that are specifically looking for a man cave as they house hunt (well, the men at least). It got me thinking: Are man caves a good idea?

The debate could really go either way depending on the couple and the time spent in the man cave. If my husband was spending all of his free-time (which is in short supply as it is) in the man cave, believe me, I would not be pleased. With a huge flat-screen, video games, and other time-suckers, I know it would be easy to get lost for hours... but please, I want attention too (I have no problem admitting it).

So are man caves really a good idea? Truthfully, they are... as long as the women are allowed to enjoy them as well. In a home full of household demands, kids, pets, phone calls, etc... I see the intrigue of a getaway. Plus, what better place could there be to watch your favorite team on Sunday with the typical accompaniments (ahem, snacks and drinks)?

In a bit of internet scouting, I found some pretty amazing man caves. Below are a few favorites, but you can see more here and here.

 { Poker Man Cave } - my dad would LOVE this

{ The Basement Nightclub }

{ The Team Room }

Reader response: Does your house have a man cave? How is it decorated? If not, is your husband begging for one? What do you think?


  1. Man Cave's are so seriously awesome.

  2. That's so funny! I've never heard of a 'man cave' before... only a 'man drawer'! Great post and lovely blog :) City Girl x