29 September 2010

Reduce, reuse, and upcycle

As I browse on Etsy and other online shops, I find so many items for sale that have been "upcycled" -- making new uses for old materials. I love the concept because it is something that naturally makes sense. Why throw the spaghetti jar away if it might possibly have a new life as something else?

On the Re-Nest website, I discovered a gem of 49 Creative Reuse Ideas that inspired me to take a look at my attic's holdings with fresh eyes.

One of my favorite upcycled items is this repurposed printer drawer jewelry hanger.

I adore almost anything made with chalkboard paint. In our next house (at least two years down the road at this point), I would love to have a wall or cupboard in the kitchen painted with chalkboard paint for grocery lists, messages, or perhaps a calendar. In the meantime, I can make do with upcycled vintage frames with a chalkboard center. I love this vintage green and gold frame chalkboard.

What have you upcycled?

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