27 September 2010

Weekend wrap-up & a question

{My momma and her birthday cupcake}

Over this past weekend, we celebrated my pretty momma's birthday with a three-cheese chicken casserole (recipe to follow), cupcakes, Candy Land, and the first viewing of our wedding DVD. The food was delicious, the company was incredible, and watching the wedding made me cry. Of course it made me cry. As our peanut asks, "Can we go back to the wedding?" Yes, I would truly love to go back and try to remember even more of it.

Oh, I didn't mention my weekend adventure: cleaning the basement. Ugh. What a task. I don't know what I was thinking Saturday morning when I decided it was an ideal time to perform a major overhaul on our dingy basement. But alas, instead of relaxing before company arrived, I was scrubbing and sweeping and moving things around. I must pat myself on the back for the motivation. I am happy to report that it looks amazing. 

For an interactive Monday post, I have a question for you. What are your favorite things around the house?

I took a more focused look at our collection of home decor and household items, and chose my favorite pieces. The pieces that help to define our home and the space we love. I picked:

1. Gorgeous & hearty Jade plant on the front steps

2. Original wedding print by the talented Erik Mueller

3. Armoir display of birdcages and metal W

 4. IKEA lighting fixture

5. Big red corduroy sectional couch (coffee table pushed aside)

and 6. Patterned curtains in living room

Email me with your favorite items for a possible feature on your home!

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