05 October 2010

Infographics: Information and design combined

 { via metrobest }

Some of my favorite updates on Twitter come from Web Design News, and I am constantly clicking on the links they post. A particular link the other day became an immediate favorite and was quickly bookmarked on my browser. I was led to The Infographics Showcase, a collection of infographics from all over the web. After a subsequent search in Google, I lost about two hours of my afternoon in looking at these well-designed graphics that display large amounts of interesting information. Now I ponder what I can make one about.

A few to take a look at:
- One of the weirdest and yet most intriguing is The Human Tongue Infographic.
- An infographic that might make you think twice about recycling is How Much Do We Really Recycle?
- After being a teacher, one of my favorite infographics is Education By The Numbers.

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