18 October 2010

Nature at its finest

 { a dream scene }

Each time I visit my parents, I come back home with an overly full stomach, a bag of goodies/groceries/leftovers, a smile, and a desire to live among the beautiful scenery that I just left. I grew up with a "backyard" of 150 acres of land that held a stream, a swamp, large fields of Christmas trees (which my dad sold for the holiday when I was young), an expansive forest, and multiple looping paths on which to ride a four-wheeler or take a walk. It is truly one of the most breath-taking places I have ever seen and provides inspiration for amazing photos. There is little that can compare to the beauty of this untouched nature.

My husband and I have a goal that in 10 years from now we will be able to build a house on that land. We want our peanut (and hopefully more children) to have that outdoor environment to grow and play on. In my mind I can see a bountiful garden of vegetables and flowers, afternoon family walks through the woods, and room for picnics and an outdoor fireplace (I swoon over them every time I see one in a magazine).

Last weekend, on a particularly phenomenal October weekend, we took a four-wheeler ride up through the property and forest with our camera in tow. The photos turned out beautifully!

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