17 September 2010

Warm & cozy sweaters, scarves, sleeves, and more

I immediately had goosebumps when I got out of my warm, cozy bed this morning. Instead of jumping back in and throwing the covers over my head (the weekend routine), I grabbed my thickest sweater and slipped it on. I'm pretty sure it looked sexy with my sweatpants.

I never jumped on the Snuggie bandwagon, and I am a bit proud of myself for it. However, I wore a sweater almost daily last fall/winter. My husband affectionately dubbed me "the sweater lady." This year, I will be trying to get a little more variety while maintaining my love for all knitted things.

After I saw this mug sleeve (this Etsy shop carries the sleeve in lots of colors), I wanted oatmeal. Or soup. Or more coffee. The toggle button makes it even better.

I have been crushing on circular scarves since last year. They are a bit easier to wear since you don't have to figure out how to rope them around your neck. I thought there might be a slight strangling effect, but in this sweaterish scarf, I think I could die a relatively happy death.

I normally consider capes within the realm of superheroes. But this sweater cape... ah, I swoon a little. It looks so comfy. I have a sneaking suspicion that if I purchased this, I wouldn't wear much else.

My husband and I had to elicit extreme self control after seeing this at Old Navy yesterday. Our little peanut would look tremendously cute in it. But alas, she has a few sweaters for this fall/winter, and doesn't need another (sigh).


  1. Ok I want the cape, scarf and coffee cup coozie. You are KILLING me! Oh and I love seeing you type, "my husband"!

  2. I love a good oatmeal colored knit. Thinking about it makes me forget how much I despise winter.