16 September 2010

Andrew Jenks rocks my socks

{ World of Jenks } airing Mondays at 10 pm on MTV }

I rarely watch MTV anymore... I said it. I am a twenty-something adult that has moved on. The process wasn't completely intentional. Instead, it was really more the result of occupying time with HGTV or Comedy Central. After that and some odds & ends, my television time was maxed out. During my hiatus from MTV, I was missing the World of Jenks.

Andrew Jenks is a 24 year-old filmmaker that actually moves in with different strangers each week to gain understanding of what it means to be in their world. He captures his new surroundings and experiences on his MTV show.

World of Jenks was recently recommended to my husband and I, so we gave it a try. I was particularly moved by the episode as Jenks spent a week with a young man with autism. The truth in this episode is startling and amazing. Carry on dear Jenks.

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  1. I thought you guys might like it. It's a very catching show, it shows how it would be to live in the shoes of another person. I'll be stopping over when the new episode comes out!