12 October 2010

DIY projects: how many is too many?

After a long weekend away from blogging and focused on a mini bathroom makeover, I make my return with thoughts of home improvement projects. It requires ambition, of course, which I may not have today. But the feeling of achievement when a project is finished... it's worth it.

These are some ideas I would love to try in my house. They may happen, they may not... but what fantastic inspiration they provide. 

I love the idea of various size drawers/boxes on their sides on the wall. It not only provides a design element, but also extra storage (which everyone needs!). The chalkboard background is so useful.  Looking at these colorful chairs makes me realize that I'd love some bright chairs as well. The lighting fixture looks like it has feathers on it - I am in love!

 { via this old house }

Our kitchen is not nearly as beautiful as this, but with some easy additions, it can get a lot closer. We already have the pendant light and white cabinets, so updating the cabinet hardware might be my next project. I also like the petite, striped window treatments. So cute. I still need something for ours to add to the blinds. We even have a beautiful, new faucet to install waiting for us in the attic.

The dark color inside this fireplace gives me inspiration the paint the inside of ours. Also an ornamental fireplace, I've wondered what to do with this great piece of architecture. We have leftover charcoal colored paint from painting a wall in the dining room that would be a great compliment. A coat of paint plus the decor I already have might be the perfect combination.

I suppose I should stop adding to our already bulging list of tasks and things to be done. First I need to find time to carve a pumpkin, THEN more house projects. Priorities, check.

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  1. I love the crates on the wall! I would also LOVE that in my house!