01 November 2010

Happy November sweet friends

First day of November. NOVEMBER. In a blink of an eye, it will be Thanksgiving. I'm ready {and waiting} for the delicious food... but not as ready for the snow that typically accompanies the holiday. After bundling up for trick-or-treating last night, I realized it was time to pull out the winter outerwear and retire my autumn jacket.

I have an unexplained and unnecessary love for coats. My hubby likes to point out that our coat closet is about 90% mine, 5% his, and 5% peanut. I shrug my shoulders, smile, and respond, "They are different lengths and warmth levels. I need them." I have to pat myself on the back for not purchasing any new coats this year {however a gorgeous peach-colored velvet blazer was bought for me by my lovely mother}... but this fact doesn't keep me from admiring coats all over the internet.

Cute & affordable winter picks for women:

{Hooded wool blend toggle jacket also from Old Navy}

{Tweedle dee coat from Ruche}

And of course a few choices for the rest of the family...

{If you noticed reoccurring coats from Old Navy, it is because that place has some great styles for amazing prices! It's become one of our go-to stores for family shopping.}


  1. Haha, I shared my own coat addiction over in my corner of the world wide web recently! As I pointed out to a friend, a coat doesn't get worn out, which makes them so much better than fetish for footwear. (Not that I judge those harshly either.) :)

  2. Little B has the Old Navy Fleece Cabin Jacket :-)