17 November 2010

Safe oven cleaning mixtures

A close friend recently asked for tips on cleaning her oven, and to be honest, I couldn't name the last time that I actually cleaned my own oven. After a few spills and bubbly casseroles, I found it to be necessary. I've done my research on safe oven cleaning methods and found many mixtures that you can make with products you probably already have. I've still been on my chemical-free cleaning kick (I'm going to be positive and say I won't ever go back to bottled chemical cleaners) so the natural ingredients were important to me.

Depending on your supply of home products and the dirtiness of your oven, you can choose the cleaning mixture that suits you.

- 5 tbsp. baking soda
- 3 drops hand soap or liquid dish soap
- 4 tbsp. white vinegar

Mix above ingredients until they form a thick paste. Apply paste to inside of oven and scrub with sponge. Wipe clean and rinse thoroughly.

Use equal amounts of lemon juice and salt. Apply paste to stubborn stains and allow to sit for 3-5 minutes. Scrub with brush and wipe clean.

- 1 cup salt
- 1 cup baking soda
- 1 cup water

Make a paste and apply it to the inside of the oven. Close door and heat oven to 500 degrees for 60 minutes. Turn off oven and allow to cool. Wipe debris from oven using a moist sponge. Rinse well.

- By heating your oven to 200 degrees and then shutting off the heat source and spraying/wiping the oven cavity with cleaning solution, you'll get a head start on hard-to-remove stains and problem areas. The heat will help the cleaner penetrate the oven cavity and make your job easier.
- You can guarantee you've removed all cleansers from the oven by rinsing with vinegar and water.

{ Image credit: Good Housekeeping }

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