14 September 2010

Back-to-school favorites

September is well-known for back-to-school displays of colored pencils, backpacks, and fall clothing. This year, I have ventured away from the traditional store displays and moved onto online hunting. I have found so many amazing items that my Bookmarks tab is busting at its virtual seams. Maybe it is the fact that I'm not teaching this year, and it makes me a bit nostalgic for the beginning of the school year. Or perhaps its because the products are just designed so well. Either way, here are some of my favorite children's finds:

The vendors of these products have oodles of cute toys, creative activities, and much more, so please have a look! Hope all of you and your kiddies are off to a wonderful fall and new school year!

1 comment:

  1. Oooh, I am LOVING that duvet! So cute!

    Your blog is absolutely adorable, can't wait to read more!