15 September 2010

Wishing my parents a happy, happy anniversary

Watching me get married {taken by Ian Gattie Photography }

My parents are celebrating their 31st wedding anniversary today... and still monumentally love each other. This photo was taken only six weeks ago at my own wedding to my very wonderful husband. Their marriage is a phenomenal example to us as we embark on our first year. 

Sappy? Perhaps. But truthfully, how many marriages last 31 years anymore? How many last that many years HAPPILY? Very few.

They cook together. They make each other laugh. They give each other space. They buy expensive knives from their daughter's salesperson friend (Allie still adores my parents for this). They watch their ever-growing family with loving, watchful eyes. They rock.


  1. Happy Anniversary Aunt Debbie and Uncle George! Congreatulations! Love you both very much <3

  2. It is a very great thing! I am so very excited for our Journey As Well!